Energy: Healing Reactions

If your Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program gives you any emotional or physical discomfort, stop it temporarily.

If you are on the program, and it gives you some physical discomfort, stop it for a day or two. If it upsets you more severely, stop for several days or more, then continue.

Many people ask, “If the supplements are so good for me, then why do I feel worse than before?” The answer is that supplements disrupt the present balance (homeostasis) of your body. Any disruption, even a necessary one, can cause temporary problems. That is why it is not always smooth sailing on a supplement program.

You see, when your chemistry is out of step, your body tries to stabilize itself so that it doesn’t get any worse. The balance it reaches may be a bad balance, but it is still a balance.

When you introduce supplements into the system, you introduce change. Your body cannot operate as before. You are making it start to do something about your problem. You are starting a change and all changes are somewhat disrupting. If the change is a big one, there is a bigger disruption.

Everyone calls these flare-ups “side-effects,” but that is not what they are. The use of the term “side-effect” is understandable but it is not accurate.

Side-effects, reactions, etc., are all terms that apply to drugs – not to supplements and other nutrients used in a balancing program.

Discomfort or symptoms from a supplement program are not side-effects.

It is more appropriate to call the discomfort a metabolic release, because that’s what it is. It is a release from an old mineral pattern. It is a change or an attempt to change the dominance of the previous mineral pattern.

A metabolic release disrupts the balance that has probably been in place for years. To make needed changes takes energy. To get the energy, your body often slows you down to reduce your energy output. It wants more energy to be available for internal rebalancing.

So temporarily you feel more tired. You may feel depressed, because depression is one way your body has of stopping you from doing things. Your body knows you are not wise enough to slow down on your own. It takes charge and forces you to do so. To try and totally prevent this kind of “discomfort” is to block your own recovery.

By cutting back on the program temporarily, you prevent your body from spending any more energy on additional changes. Instead, it is able to conserve its energy. It can use the energy to stabilize and consolidate the changes that have already occurred.

What to do if you experience problems while on the program.

Many people follow a program religiously, no matter how they feel or what symptoms flare up. They think they will improve more quickly if they can just “tough it out.”

They are so anxious to regain their energy that they don’t want to lose any time. They never stop for a break whether they are feeling good or bad. They don’t realize that they are never giving the body a chance to adjust to changes already made. They just keep the body in the midst of a constant series of changes.

Constant change is not healing. It is disruptive. What the body needs is a period of change, then a period of stabilizing, then another period of change, then more stabilizing, etc.

Think of it like this: If you have a thermostat and you keep changing it from high to low and low to high without stopping, you will break it and maybe the furnace, too.

Don’t think that your body is doing nothing just because you are not taking supplements for a while.

Don’t think that your body is doing nothing just because you are not taking supplements for a day or two. It is either working on the changes you have already started, or it is building up your mineral reservoirs to pre- pare you for the next change that is coming.

Another reason for reactions: Some people have reactions because the minerals are starting to break patterns that the person does not want changed. For example, domineering persons have certain mineral patterns. If you put such a person on a program, he will “subconsciously” resist what the program is trying to do.

His mind is aware that there is a threat to the mineral pattern that is allowing him to dominate others. It fights the program. It causes physical symptoms to erupt. It is trying to make the person stop the program, like a bucking bronco trying to throw off its rider.

The supplement program can release buried emotional conflicts.

You may have to temporarily stop the program of such a person, or adjust it – but only temporarily. Then continue. But do not think that all people want to change. They may want to get rid of a certain symptom, but not the mineral pattern that is underlying the symptom. It is in these kinds of cases that flare-ups occur.

For instance, arthritics want to get rid of their joint pain. But they may not want to do anything about the buried resentments that may in some cases be causing the pain. It is this emotional conflict that bursts out into a physical disruption.

Let me explain what I mean. When a person is resentful, iron tends to accumulate in his tissues. It generally accumulates in the joints, the spleen and the heart. It is the iron that causes the pain in the joints. It also causes the rigidity and stiffness, since iron is a rigid mineral.

Now, when you remove – or attempt to remove – the iron deposits, the person’s mind may try to block this removal. The person wants relief from pain. But he does not want to release his true emotions which would be released as the iron is released. To conceal his anger, the persons mind may actually try to force the iron back into the joints.

The whole process is physically turbulent. Temporarily, it results in a flare-up, i.e., increased inflammation, etc. The person blames the program when the real problem is his lack of desire to face a problem.

The real solution in this case is to ask the person, “Do you have any problems you may not be facing? Is there anything that is bothering you that you are reluctant to talk about?” Do not accuse the person, just ask him.

Sometimes it will be days before the person will admit to you what is really on his mind. When he does, he will also notice physical relief.

Remember, for every emotion there is a mineral counterpart. For every repressed emotion, there is a mineral repression. So when you eliminate a mineral or move it, you are pressing on an emotional hot spot. Many people resist. The result is either a physical flare-up or an emotional flare-up, or both.

For fastest results, a person must face his emotional problems and fears.

If certain discomforts continue after many attempts and adjustments, the answer may not lie completely in minerals. We are talking about such discomforts as fainting, blackouts, and any other symptom which may ordinarily be associated with hypoglycemia. These symptoms are often triggered by emotional conflicts. (It is, of course, assumed that a thorough medical examination has excluded any physical reasons for these problems.)

But if these discomforts continue, and seem to occur at times when the person feels a need to demand attention, or when he refuses to face a problem, then you must make that person face his problem.

If you don’t, further improvement on the program may never occur.

For fastest results, a person must face his emotional problems and fears. Balancing his mineral pattern will in the majority of cases give to him the courage to make a decision. In addition, the increased awareness will often enable him to recognize a problem area which, prior to the program, was not recognizable as a problem.

To repeat: Stop the program when necessary and as often as necessary. Remember, it is not wise to allow all changes – physical and emotional – to be made too quickly. The changes could be explosive. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen.

An uncontrolled emotional and physical release can be destructive, not curative. What you want ordinarily is a controlled release (if possible), just like the controlled release of steam pressure in a pressure cooker.

The program can help bring problems to the surface, but it cannot make anyone solve them. You must help the person do this for himself. If you don’t, he or she may vacillate up and down from analysis to analysis without ever cracking the destructive mineral and emotional pattern that is negatively affecting him or her.

Some final recommendations

1. Under normal circumstances, stop the program once each week for a regular day of rest. You can make it every Saturday or Sunday for convenience. On this day of rest, you may take enzymes, but no other mineral or supplement.

2. If stopping the program makes you feel worse, then stay on it without a break. Everyone’s body is different and what is good for one person may not be right for another.

3. Under conditions of physical and/or emotional discomfort – The more severe the physical and emotional discomfort, the more frequently you should stop the program, for a day or two, or even a week.

In physically volatile people such as fast oxidizers, you can run the program three days, then stop one, etc. But in many cases of slow oxidation, you can run it 4 to 6 days a week without any problems.

4. If every time you continue the program, the same reaction occurs, your mineral pattern may have already shifted. It may be time for a new program, or for an adjustment to the program you are already on. Stop everything. Get a retest.

5. If you are experiencing a strong elimination of heavy metals, then you can take 3-6 capsules of lecithin a day for several days only. This will slow down or stop the elimination and give temporary relief.

6. Occasionally, people with a high calcium to magnesium ratio sometimes feel shaky in the evening. This is nothing to worry about and can be stopped by getting a bite to eat, such as some protein.

from Energy: How it affects your emotions, your level of achievement, and your entire personal well-being. An interview with Dr. Paul Eck by Colin and Loren Chatsworth. Reprinted by permission.

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